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Heard from the Herd...

“Heavy Cardboard is the best boardgaming content online. No one else matches the depth, thoroughness and integrity of their reviews, no one else teaches games as coherently and no one else makes playing heavy games look so enjoyable. Watching an HC playthrough or listening to their reviews will instantly tell me if a game is to my liking or not and there won't be a dull moment . Most importantly, Edward and Amanda are awesome people and with them, five hours can pass by without it feeling like any time at all.” — Siddharth V.

“I believe this is the best podcast/community about board games. Edward and Amanda are honest, insightful, thoughtful, passionate ambassadors for the heavier board game community. While I am not the most active member on their BGG forums, Slack channel or YouTube, I am happy to have their contributions to our hobby and I am proud to support them.” — Michael H.

“I came to HC for the excellent playthroughs and thorough reviews but i stayed for the community. A community of brothers and sisters that share their personal wins and losses, that argue, get angry at each other, but the next day they are together again. The kind of brothers and sisters that feel their heart sink when the big moment of triumph of our fellows becomes a big disappointment. I stayed because I know Edward and Amanda would feel exactly the same way for me or any other fellow Elephant. They genuinely care for us.” — Jose C.

“Edward and Amanda provide an incredible service to the board game community. What I appreciate most about Heavy Cardboard is they don't rush to review cult of the new titles, taking time to properly experience games over multiple plays before finalizing their thoughts and opinions. As someone who is a member of the boardgame industry, developing heavy games in my spare time, I appreciate when reviewers like Edward and Amanda are able demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of subtle strategies which are deeply integrated into heavier design. — Paul Incao, Lead Developer of Stronghold Games

“Heavy Cardboard was the first channel I found that recognized how great Madeira was. As I looked more into their content, I found a few playthroughs of games that looked very good, but nobody else was really talking about. That is why I started supporting the show.” — Andrew K.

“I have a very limited entertainment budget. I am lucky if I can afford to buy a game a month. Nonetheless, I support Heavy Cardboard on Patreon because the quality and depth of their reviews ensure that the few games on which I do spend my money will be games I love. Thank you Heavy Cardboard for making me a more informed consumer.” — Baby Elephant

“If you love heavy, longer, and deeper games, Heavy Cardboard is really the only channel covering these types of games. It takes an immense amount of time and skill to produce a show like this. By supporting this channel, Edward can focus on developing even more content covering the types of games that I love. That is certainly worth supporting.” — Sara Erickson, Renegade Games

“As a publisher, it's critical that I stay informed about other companies' games. I find that Heavy Cardboard plays an informative role by providing me in-depth information about heavier games I might not have played.” — Kevin Brusky, Ape Games

“Heavy Cardboard is more than just a podcast and YouTube channel (even though it is an excellent example of both those things). Edward and Amanda have built up a welcoming community of heavy gaming enthusiasts. The incredible content and great people creating conversations are an invaluable contribution to the hobby.” — Bill S.

“Not only do Edward and Amanda consistently produce high quality podcasts, playthroughs and thoughtful reviews of a segment of the hobby previously underserved, but they're also building an international community of really cool people. Everyone on the Slack channel feels like a friend you've never met before but could happily have a few drinks with.” — Matt W.

“I primarily support Heavy Cardboard because of the top notch content quality and quantity. The Heavy Cardboard Slack channel is a great perk—it features thoughtful and amicable board game discussions from around the globe, around the clock. It is a great community, where I've so far gotten the opportunity to organise game nights on two continents when going on boring business trips.” — Magnus M.

“I come to Heavy Cardboard for many things: community, teachings and playthroughs, and a genuine sense of enthusiasm. The folks at HC wear their heart on their sleeves; they're vulnerable, honest, and I admire that openness. It comes through in the reviews, interviews, and Q&As, and it makes the content all the more valuable as an observer and participant.” — Kristopher S.

“I've been a Patreon supporter of Heavy Cardboard for my second year now, though I have been listening longer than that. The content is voluminous and spans a wide variety of games. Even though I don't play many heavy titles, I have been inspired through Edward and Amanda and the playthroughs. I really don't know how they do it. They would appreciate your support!” — Scot D.

“I support Heavy Cardboard because they cover games other board game media creators often don't. Their reviews, play throughs and interviews add greatly to my enjoyment of the hobby.” — Gary R.

“Heavy Cardboard provides what many others in the board game media don't—a close-knit community of gamers and a format to engage with them. It's like having an electronic game group!” — Jeff H.

“I support Heavy Cardboard because I trust them to put out quality reviews and live-streams, it's clear that the HC crew puts in the effort to make the best content possible. Edward and Amanda are amazing people who truly care about their fans, and that's something I think is worth supporting. I will continue to support the show as long as it exists, and I urge you to as well.” — Ian D.

“Heavy Cardboard champions their motto: Fair, honest, and thorough. While that's true—they really dig into the game with their reviews—it curiously leaves out their best attribute: their passion. It drives their reviews. It drives their livestreams. It drives their interaction with the community that has formed around them. I've just recently joined, but I already feel I belong. Edward, Amanda, and the HC crew are able, as if by magic, to translate the communion and fellowship that happens around a board game directly from their home to the screen. I thought I was supporting a show when I became a patron, but instead I became a part of a community.” — Cave Hinds

“The biggest advantage I see to pledging to Heavy Cardboard is access to their Slack channel. In interacting with a community of people who have similar interests and enthusiasms, I have met great people and made new friends, and I have gone to a convention I would otherwise have skipped to meet fellow backers, and had a blast! I have gotten into at least six 18xx games online organized through Slack. It has truly been an incredible resource, and well worth a $5 per month pledge.” — Kenny B.

“Heavy Cardboard is my favorite source of boardgaming information and entertainment because not only do Edward and Amanda make great content, they also actively are involved in maintaining a friendly and helpful community around thinky games. If you like thinky and involved boardgames, give Heavy Cardboard a try for the content, and you'll stay for the great community. Thank you Edward & Amanda!” — Dave K.

“After looking at many sites, I found Heavy Cardboard and can say hands down they are the best by far at discussing, reviewing, teaching, and presenting playthroughs of the heavier games in our hobby. Their content includes not only game discussions and playthroughs, but also interviews and playthroughs with the designers and publishers of the heavy games we know and love. If you are interested in a constant stream of high quality, top notch heavy game content, I highly recommend you consider becoming a supporter of Heavy Cardboard and join me as a member of the Peanut Gallery.” — Jim W.

Heavy Cardboard Slack Channel

Join the hundreds of members of the Herd on a live-chat platform where you can talk about topics related to Heavy Cardboard, board gaming, or anything else.

The Heavy Cardboard Slack channel is a global community of board gamers with similar interests in board gaming but a wide range of perspectives.

Available to members at the African Bush Elephant level and higher.

Heavy Cardboard Teaching Notes

When you teach a game that Heavy Cardboard has covered, you can use the same notes and outline that Edward used to teach it live on camera!

You can benefit from Edward's experience in distilling a game's rules into an easy-to-teach format, so when you bring a new game to the table, your group will hit the ground running.

Available to members at the Sri Lankan Elephant level and higher.

Private Video Chat with Heavy Cardboard

In addition to watching Edward live on Youtube, you can now talk to him directly in a private video chat!

Twice per year, you'll have a 30-minute private chat with the HC crew over Google Hangouts or Skype where you can talk about whatever you want with them. Well, almost whatever you want.

Available to members at the Sumatran Elephant level and higher.

Heavy Cardboard Curates your Collection

Do you think your collection could use a step up in weight but you don't know which heavier board games you would like?

Edward will review your collection and then have a 30-minute discussion with you over Google Hangouts or Skype. Afterwards, Edward will prepare a tailored list of games based on your collection and your interests.

Available to members at the African Forest Elephant level and higher.

Heavy Cardboard Welcomes You to Heavycon 2019

Every year, Heavy Cardboard hosts an invitation-only convention of board gamers who share a passion for the heavier side of board gaming. HeavyCon features special guests such as Jeroen Douman (Splotter Spellen) and Uli Blenneman (Spielworxx, ADC Blackfire).

After six months of support, you'll not only be put on the invite list, but you'll also receive a ticket for HeavyCon 2019!

Available to members at the Mastodon level and higher.

Pledge Benefits

Check out all the benefits you receive when you pledge to Heavy Cardboard!

Indian Elephant
African Bush Elephant
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Sumatran Elephant
African Forest Elephant
Woolly Mammoth
Monthly pledge on Patreon $2 $5 $10 $25 $50 $75 $125
Annual pledge via store $24 $60 $120 $300 $600 $900 $1500
Sponsors page mention
Early access to t-shirt designs
Monthly private video chat
Voting on upcoming games
Access to Slack channel 
Glory to Rome play-throughs 
HC Patron Geekbadge
Exclusive access to teaching notes
HC challenge coin* 
HC patch or pin
Bonus, behind-the-scenes content. 
Patron-exclusive T-shirt
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Votes on special content 
Private video chats
Curate your collection 
HC polo shirt* 
Pick a game to feature* 
Ticket to HeavyCon 2019* 
Curated game subscription 
Dinner with HC 
Monthly pledge on Patreon $2 $5 $10 $25 $50 $75 $125
Annual pledge via store $24 $60 $120 $300 $600 $900 $1500
Indian Elephant
Sponsors page mention
Early access to t-shirt designs
$2 per month on Patreon
$24 per year on the store
African Bush Elephant
Monthly private video chat
Voting on upcoming games
Access to Slack channel
Glory to Rome play-throughs
HC Patron Geekbadge
and everything at the Indian Elephant level
$5 per month on Patreon
$60 per year on the store
Sri Lankan Elephant
Exclusive access to teaching notes
HC challenge coin
HC patch or pin
Access to bonus content
and everything at the African Bush Elephant level
$10 per month on Patreon
$120 per year on the store
Sumatran Elephant
Free Patron-exclusive T-shirt
Patron shout out
Private video chat
Special content vote
and everything at the Sri Lankan Elephant level
$25 per month on Patreon
$300 per year on the store
African Forest Elephant
Curate your collection
HC polo shirt
Choose a game that HC features
and everything at the Sumatran Elephant level
$50 per month on Patreon
$600 per year on the store
Ticket to HeavyCon 2018 after six months of support
and everything at the African Forest Elephant level
$75 per month on Patreon
$900 per year on the store
Woolly Mammoth
Curated game subscription once per year
Diiner with HC
and everything at the Mastodon level
$125 per month on Patreon
$1500 per year on the store

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Our Goals

$2,500: HC Around the World Twice — Goal Reached!

It's so nice, let's do it twice! Instead of once a year, we'll travel to two randomly drawn $5+ supporters hometowns each year! It's like HeavyCon coming to you!

$3,250: Heavy Cardboard Revisited — Goal Reached!

A game so nice we review it twice... or is it? At this level we'll revisit a game a month that we've reviewed previously and record a podblast on how and whether our feelings have changed with more plays.

$3,750: Monthly Asher Videos — Goal Reached!

We don't want to overlook Asher and our fellow dog/greyhound lovers. So when we reach this goal Asher will star (along with a spoonful of peanut butter) in a monthly short film titled, "Oh how I love you peanut butter!"

$4,155: Edward Goes Full-Time — Goal Reached!

We can stop using our savings to help fund Heavy Cardboard and Edward can work on the show full time without worrying about how it remains financially viable.

$4,250: Gaming Table Giveaway — Goal Reached!

All Patrons at the $5+ will be entered to win an amazing “Duchess” board game table from Included will be the table, four cup holders, two wing shelves, six card holders, and a poker chip tray. Winners will be able to choose color. Shipping will be included, but it will only be shipped to the US, Canada, or the EU.

$4,835: Further Equipment Upgrades — Goal Reached!

We will continue to upgrade our equipment and the studio. Better resources to improve the quality you've come to enjoy and expect.

800 patrons: PTZ Camera

HC is going to add a PTZ camera to further enhance the viewing experience. This will allow zooming into particular areas on a board for games with massive boards/table sprawl (High Frontier, etc). This is be a significant upgrade to go along with the existing cameras.

Adding the 5th camera will also require the addition of another Pro Capture card for the studio computer. This ties into the next goal as well!

1000 patrons: Second PTZ Camera and Davis Tattoo

We will further upgrade our studio with the professional touches we want you to have. More importantly, we’ll add a second PTZ camera which will finally allow for high-quality block war game streaming as well as enhance other play-throughs.

And then there's the Davis tattoo...I made a comment a couple of years ago that if/when we hit 1,000 Patrons, I'll get a Davis tattoo. Well, I'm going to keep my word